Apparel + Customer Relationship Management

The Apparel + CRM Suite offers a comprehensive, affordable and customizable collection of CRM applications, designed exclusively for the Buying houses and agencies to facilitate their operations by virtually managing their business over the web.

This 100% web-based, full functioning CRM application enables you to make your marketing,sales order management,order planning and scheduling with Time & Action calendar,schedule tracking,Quality & Inspection Update,Invoicing,Receivables & Payables, Supplier Rating… etc by streamlining processes and building solid relationships with your customers and Suppliers. With it,you can build knowledge-based marketing, sales, order & approval schedules, production status update, quality & Inspection management, schedule Vs Actual's tracking with a secured and synchronized view of orders,status,quality watch,approvals,shipment Info., receivables and payables etc...

  • 100% web-based, providing multi location access and easy synchronization of data.

  • Secured Login gateways to varied user groups

  • Flexible customization to the specific needs.

  • Rapid deployment and easy customization with our powerful Workbench tool.

  • Lower cost of ownership and faster recognition of Return on Investment

  • Proactively guides information to users and automates dialog with customers.

  • Central data repository providing a single, 360-degree view of order history & supplier performance.

  • Instant updates to the customers and self from marketing to dispatch with T & A calendar enhances business efficiency & productivity.

  • Intuitive and easily scalable for the User Groups to learn and handle the software with appropriate data entry routines.