Home Tex

Today, Home Textiles constitute a major business across the world. The Industry has its own demands, design and specific needs with its own way of working. It might be miracle to fit in any generalized software tools to automate the textile industry. Many Home Textiles companies have to plan their own specialized application software to fit in exactly to their requirements. A proven ERP solution with varied optional features shall be a best choice for the industry.

Axon Infosoft., closely working with Apparel and Home Textile sector for more than a decade has successfully launched its world class ERP software “Home Tex” which is seamlessly integrated at all levels of the business process and Web Enabled. The software has all generalized features with user customizable report generation option made this product highly scalable and adoptable by any category of the product under home textiles.

HomeTex is customizable to your needs which ensure a smoother implementation and orientation at all stages of your business. the software handle almost everything you would need for Home Textile Manufacturing and Administration.

Home Tex provides statistical data and analytical reports on your business performance over the years and helps you a lot in taking appropriate decisions to drive your business in the right direction. The system goes much deeper from the level of marketing (Pre Sales) to shipment of the products with a detailed order planning system.

HomeTex is developed using the latest technology tools and ensures easy migration to any latest technology and moreover web-enabled. With the Online MIS query options, you would be able to track or query any information of your company related to Sales, Execution, Inventory and Status of your business wherever you are.

HomeTex also supports WAN to connect and enables online synchronization of the data between your multi located offices and factories. Home Tex provides an option for specific login access for the Buyers located overseas to browse their order status reports instantly at any given time without taking a pain of calling their supplier every time on the order schedule & status.

HomeTex has a well-advanced Planning & Inventory management system and keeps your business under control for timely deliveries to your customers and closely monitors your floor and provides comparison data for easy decision-making.

An integrated approach from Sales order processing to final level of shipment with integrated financial accounting and personal management modules gives a perfect blend to the product and a proven model for today's business scenario.