Apparel + Supply Chain Management

Apparel + SCM, software that redefines the working standards of the distribution companies which are mainly involved in brand promotions countrywide. The promoters establishes the distribution arm for distributing their products and reaches the end customer thru’ their retail channels.

Apparel + SCM, is a totally web enabled online Supply chain management system, that brings together the manufacturer, distributor / retailer and the business promotional marketing team.

  • Generates an online catalogue from the manufacturers end and the distributors views thru’ the catalogue and orders for the interested product online. The system facilitates online order placements dispatch advice gets generated online and the delivery confirmation gets emailed automatically to the distributor.

  • Facilitates the management to track the daily orders, daily dispatches, marketing executive’s achievements Vs Targets, order cancellations, anytime stock summary with value across the channels,sales summary distributor wise, budjeting Vs Actuals report etc.

  • Provides a detailed ledger along with the group outstanding’s report.

  • Minimizes the Inventory losses and enhances the working capital reserves .

  • Enables the company to have their financials status clear and make necessary follow-ups on the pending bills.

  • Helps the management to regulate the inventory flow at any given stage and maintains the relevant stock for the current running orders as per the schedule.

  • Supports Digitizing the documents, International EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and bar coding standards.

  • Application for budgeting & approval, bill passing, special requisition approval and MIS query view.